We enlighten & empower youths all around the world,

avocating for sustainable development and achieving the UN's 17 SDGs, amongest other things.

Who We Are

Youth survival organization is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) found and operating in Tanzania mainland.

The organization focuses on developing youths and assisting them in all the means possible so as to attain sustainable developmnent for the current world and the future generations.

YSO Foundig Members

What we do

YSO is centered around:

YSO Educating Youths

Educating youths

We provide education to youth concerning different life aspects to make society attain social, political and economical development.

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YSO Promoting Talents

Promoting talents

We expose different youth talents and potentials for the aim of utilizing the talents for personal and social prosperity.

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YSO Charity and Philanthropy

Charity and philanthropy

We're dedicated to support all special groups in the society, and the community in general by means of helping hands.

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YSO SDG Advocacy

SDG advocacy

We work with the UN and its related subsidiaries in ensuring the SDGs are implemented in our specific area.

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YSO Exposure and Connect

Youth exposure & connect

We present youths with various opportunities they can pursue based on their skills and interests.

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YSO Volunteerism


We work with youths who wish to volunteer in social works and volunteer in various institutions.

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Support our course

You can support our course by donating funds which aid in the operation of the organization. Your contribution, no matter the amount, helps us hugely.


Our upcoming & completed events


Youth Empowerment Tour Tz

This tour is a sequel to the seminar done in Arusha, that aimed at empowering youths across the country, guiding and inspiring them to best believe in ...

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YSO At Moivaro Hospital

Moivaro Health Centre

Chekereni - Arusha

YSO Life After School Seminar

Life After School Seminar

Golden Rose - Arusha

YSO at Aston Vision Orphanage

Aston Vision Orphanage

Shangarai - Arusha

YSO Youth Empowerment Tour

Youth Empowerment Tour

Dar es Salaam

YSO at Nkoaranga Orphanage

Nkoaranga Orphanage

Arusha Tanzania

YSO Youth Seminar

Youth Seminar

kilimahewa Modern School- Moshi

YSO at Urithi Festival

Urithi Festival

Sheikh Amri Abeid - Arusha

YSO at Samaritan Orphanage

Samaritan Orphanage

Moshono - Arusha

YSO Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Adili High School

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Megacomplex - Bondeni street,
Arusha, Tanzania

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8:00AM - 06:00PM